I was born in Vancouver, and raised in Richmond, BC.  With an older brother who loved all things Elvis and a cousin who entertained us on piano, it wasn't long before I was put into piano lessons of my own.  Now I'm also into Saxophone and Ukulele, but that is a whole other story.

Lil' Deb ticklin' the ivories

I've grown to embrace all kinds of music, and frankly, can't picture my life without it. I'm open to it all:  rock'n' roll to r&b,  country, roots, and rockabilly, and of course, all the different shades of blues...  bring it on!  

Lucky me, I don't have to go far to catch all this goodness, and neither do you!  It's right here, in the musically diverse Lower Mainland.  On any given night, I can walk into one of many live music venues, and my world gets rocked by talented, passionate players and singers who give it their all to keep us dancing, inspired, and thoroughly entertained!

It's my hope to infuse positive energy into an already thriving scene.  The players are here, the venues are here, the audience is ready. I'm here to help bring it all together!

You too could have this much fun!

You too could have this much fun!