Here's a little ditty our Marianne wrote about 'Blues for Christmas 2017'

In a few hours, it will be dawn and I'm still not sleepy, being all wired up from dancing last night at the Commodore  Ballroom, where the 32nd Annual "Blues For Christmas" was held.

The Ballroom shook, rattled, and rolled all evening from 6:30 pm until well after midnight.  I occupied my favourite spot at the centre front edge of the stage.  From this vantage point, I am mesmerized watching skilled fingers fly over keyboards and hearing guitars ring, voices sing, and drums beat wild rhythms.  There was music for everyone's taste:  R&B, Soul, Motown, Gospel, Funk, Blues, Boogie-Woogie, Zydeco, Reggae, Rock an' Roll, and more! 

Imagine over 60 entertainers going on stage one group at a time, playing and singing their hearts out to more than 700 guests for nearly 7 hours!  The seemingly impossible feat was made possible by the energy, creativity and dedication of Dalannah and Paul who made this 'Grand Finale' a tremendous success. This immense production flowed seamlessly and smoothly like those velvet stage curtains in front of me.  

Congratulations and many thanks to you and your assistants, volunteers, staff, and performers. It was sheer bliss to listen to the impeccable instrumentation blending in perfect pitch and harmony with the crystalline voices.  I had so much fun boogying to those beautiful musical sounds that i didn't take a single break for fear of missing one song.  By the end of the night I wanted to go on for another 24 hours.  When I arrived home, my pedometer read 30,672 steps, equaling 21.7 km - I danced half a marathon at this fabulous party!  During the celebration that evening, I noticed the entertainers were relaxed and were having a good time too.  They were smiling, laughing and chatting with one another between sets.  It was like a reunion for some of those who had not seen each other for decades, but had played in the same band years previous.  it gave me double the pleasure to see them reunited. As i looked behind, I saw another heartwarming sight:  my dozens of friends in addition to hundreds of fans, all with smiling faces, enjoying every moment.  

The '2017 Blues for Christmas' was the best one of all the 32 shows that I attended.  Those pleasant memories will be indelibly engraved on my mind for many years to come.

I owe my good health, liveliness, and fitness to you hundreds of musicians and singers who fill my life with such a great joy of dancing.  The conditioning and exercising proved to be most beneficial, and so dancing became my favourite pastime, a great hobby, and my one and only addiction.  

Your music inspired me to be more creative and to relax, smile, and laugh more.  You attracted me to the dance floor like a magnet, the first time being in 1973 at the Town Pump.  My future husband and I took our first couple of dance steps and from then on we couldn't sit down.  We followed you to the Savoy, the Spinning Wheel, Puccini's, and so many other venues. 45 years later, I remain your faithful follower and I won't stop dancing until you stop playing and singing.  The dance floor is my gym and you are my motivational music gurus who help me do the aerobics with my fun and crazy moves ever so effortlessly.  

With the most heart-felt gratitude and sincerest Thanks, Merci, Danke Schoin, Gracias, Abrigada, Grazie, Kamsamneda,


Marianne Schmidt, Dec 12, 2017



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