'6th Album of new music is in the works' says Arsen Shomakhov

We can all get on board a good fundraiser, right?  Supporting fundraisers is a feel-good thing, sometimes attending is enough, because normally the door charge goes straight to the cause.  If you buy a raffle ticket or two, you may win a wonderful prize as well. 

Some fundraisers are for projects like funding a new venture, perhaps a new album is in the works and the costs can be too enormous to tackle alone. 

You  are invited to an event today where you can help a well-known and amazingly talented musician develop and produce his 6th album.   You can come and enjoy two hours of amazing music, dancing, food and bevvies, you can buy a chance to win 50/50 cash, or perhaps one of the sweet door prizes....no matter what, it will be a memorable night for everyone.  The Arsen Shomakhov Trio plays every Friday 7-9pm at The Fairview Pub on Broadway, and they continue to gain momentum and popularity by their consistently amazing performances. 

Those of us who are already HUGE FANS will be there to show our support and appreciation for all the music we have enjoyed so far.  Having a 6th album coming up to purchase is exciting, and I look forward to adding it to my collection.     

Thanks for all the prize donations so far !! If you have any others to donate to the prize collection for that night, please bring them with you tonight. 

Thank you for supporting LIVE MUSIC, and the fundraisers that are part of our community.  One day it might be you that needs assistance.... just sayin.

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